About Diamond Dog Acres LLC
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About Diamond Dog Acres

Diamond Dog Acres is a small vegetable farm located in Paris, NY founded by Alex and Dan in late 2022. Our name and logo are inspired by our dog, Phaye, who came from a rough background, but with patience, respect, care, and love, she’s grown into the beautiful, strong pup she is today and has become an important part of our lives. We view the earth, our bodies, and other living creatures this way as well. If you give that proper patience, respect, care, and love to all living things, including yourself, it will give back to you in the most life-changing way. We currently have a market garden, serving our local community with a variety of vegetables and fresh-cut flowers. Though we are not certified organic yet, we use organic practices and do not use any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. This year, we will be presenting our crops through Local Foods Mohawk Valley and the Oneida County Public Market starting May 18, 2024. We are working towards becoming an official nursery of fruit and nut trees, and even further down the line a sanctuary for rescued animals as well. We are already in the process of creating our nursery, having planted over 100 fruit trees in late October of 2023.

Our mission is to restore the natural relationship between the earth, our bodies, our community, and animals. We want to create all our food, fuel, medicine, and fiber needed for ourselves, our local community and eventually larger regional distribution groups through regenerative means, as well as to educate others on regenerative agriculture, organic practices, alley cropping, silvopasture, tree crops, and compassion towards all living beings, including humans, plants, and animals.

Markets We Sell At

Check out these local Central NY markets for our fresh produce

Located at the historic train station in Utica, NY. Visit us at the market on Saturdays from 9am-1pm from mid-May to the end of October.

Save yourself time and order your fresh produce online, then on Tuesday's stop by the pick-up location to get everything you ordered in seconds.

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Healthy Soil Practices

We are aware that the health of the soil affects the produce grown within it. We want to provide the healthiest, most nutrient-dense food to all of our customers.

  • No synthetic fertilizers
  • No pesticides, ever
  • Leave the soil better than we found it
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Fresh Produce from Living Soils


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